Back Fitness and good posture can be the defining
 elements in conveying grace, confidence and youth.

It shows an inner strength to the world which can be vital both personally and professionally. Good posture can become effortlessly well-balanced, but not stiff, and be pleasing to the eye. With good posture you should be able to stand or sit without fatigue for reasonable periods of time.
Back Fitness is feeling that your back is strong, flexible and free from back pain. Your back needs to feel good when bending and lifting or stretching. Daily activities should come easily without discomfort in the spine area. You should be able to carry objects of moderate weight without aching afterwards. 
Without Back Fitness, stress to your spine can result in painful muscular spasms. Understanding the basics of back fitness will allow you to stand tall and strong with good posture. Back Fitness can be part of your life by understanding and applying simple rules and activities. Most people can improve their own posture if they know these rules and apply them. It may take time to become aware of things that make you slump and hunched over.

    Locking knees unnecessarily can create pain in your knees, hips or back.
    Dropping the head forward can create tension in your neck and can cause headaches.
    Incorrect posture at a computer can produce discomfort in the back and neck.
    Slumped shoulders trigger spinal fatigue with consequent slack abdominal and back muscles.
    Spinal fatigue can lead directly to neck, hip, knee and foot pain which may become chronic.

Back Fitness is more than just exercise classes since good posture is for all activities. It is important to teach the muscles to hold the bones and joints upward to counteract gravity.  Standing taller and walking correctly will improve balance and how you are seen by others.

Karen Perlroth trained in Europe and the U.S. in the science of body-mechanics and motion, specializing in Back Fitness. She has taught at Stanford University School of Medicine, Canada Jr. College, San Jose State College, and several San Francisco Bay Area Nursing schools and she has lectured throughout the country. Ms Perlroth has been a consultant for a large construction firm and has presented corporate seminars on back fitness. She has also taught childbirth education and pre-natal and post-partum care. She trains and teaches one-on-one Back Fitness through her private practice in Portola Valley, California. She has an array of clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Woodside, Atherton, and San Francisco. 

Back Fitness Associates offers a full range of audio and video programs that address basic body mechanics with easy exercises. These instructional programs are sequenced to allow for a gradual learning process so you learn to exercise more safely. The programs include learning proper breathing and abdominal and stabilization techniques. The instructions include simple new rules that can be applied immediately to all daily activities.

      Freedom from Back Pain - 60 minute Video (DVD or VHS format) 
      freebackpainvideoThe Freedom from Back Pain Video is a comprehensive instructional program that teaches exercises for the back while standing, sitting and lying down. Included in the program are abdominal strengthening, proper leg-raising techniques plus upper back and shoulder exercises. The learning and use of these techniques can bring relief of back pain and prevent further episodes. Also addressed in the program are common daily movements including sleeping positions and how to execute them in a less stressful manner. This video won highest honors in the International Film and TV Festival in New York.

      VHS - $29.95


      DVD - $34.95


      Freedom from Back Pain - 55 minute Audio (CD format)
      Freedom-AudioThe Freedom for Back Pain Audio is an instructional program that can be accessed for listening at home, work or in the car. It offers important information on how to relieve back pain and also how to apply simple techniques to improving your own body-mechanics. Included in the audio are instructions for proper abdominal, back and breathing exercises.

      CD - $12.95


      Back Fitness for Women – 30 minute Video (DVD or VHS format) 
      Fitness-WomenThe Back Fitness for Women Video offers techniques for women that are important for relief of pain and healing.  Abdominal and back exercises are demonstrated. Proper leg raising and improved breathing techniques are included. Basic everyday living activities, including sleeping positions, and how to make them safer, are also addressed. This video offers useful information on how to prevent further back pain for women. 

      VHS - $29.95


      DVD - $34.95


      Back Fitness for Men – 30 minute Video (DVD or VHS format) 
      Fitness-MenThe Back Fitness for Men Video focuses specifically on men with instructions on performing exercises for relief of pain and healing. Abdominal and back exercises are demonstrated with simple explanations. Proper leg raising and breathing techniques are included plus basic everyday activities, including sleeping positions, are addressed. This video offers effective information on how to prevent further pain for men. 

      VHS - $29.95


      DVD - $34.95


      Back Fitness for Seniors – 30 minute Video (DVD or VHS format) 
      Fitness-SeniorsThe Back Fitness for Seniors Video specifically addresses the needs of the senior person for either gender. Simple exercises to relieve pain and promote healing are offered. Easy exercises for an aging back and abdomen are demonstrated. Improved breathing techniques and proper leg raising techniques are specifically addressed. Techniques are demonstrated on how to carry out basic everyday living activities in a safer manner. Special attention is given to sleeping positions. This video offers vital information on improved body mechanics and how to prevent further back pain for seniors. 

      VHS - $29.95


      DVD - $34.95


      Back Fitness for Pregnancy
      and After Childbirth
      – 30 minute Video (DVD or VHS format) 
      Fitness-PregnancyThe Back Fitness for Pregnancy and After Childbirth Video is a very helpful program that teaches proper positioning with good body mechanics throughout and after pregnancy. Optimal physical preparation is important because of the tremendous hormonal and physical changes that take place during the nine months of pregnancy. The level of care that is taken during pregnancy also determines how fast the body recuperates. Many women have serious back problems during and after pregnancy. These problems can persist throughout their lives if they are not prevented. This video provides easy to follow information that can help towards a successful and pain free pregnancy. 

      VHS - $29.95


      DVD - $34.95



Views and Commentary

“It taught the right moves for flexibility” … Fortune Magazine

“Every exercise instructor should be taught this method of breathing, contracting and leg lifting … American Fitness Magazine

“As a long-term sufferer from recurrent attacks of low back pain, I can personally vouch for the efficacy of these exercises in correcting posture and avoiding episodes of back pain. More remarkably, on more than one occasion I have been able to abort a “back attack” by promptly practicing her techniques at the first appearance of muscular spasm.  I believe it is the very exacting method of instruction shown by Mrs. Perlroth in her videos, creating subtle changes in body dynamics, which makes for the significant benefits experienced by myself and by many of my patients in handling low-back discomfort. These benefits, I am sure, would be most welcomed by the numerous back sufferers who have tried and failed with many of the other available programs.” ... Steven G. Ayre, MD, Wildwood, Illinois

“Thank you for spending so much time with the staff this week. I’ve been in touch with a few and am very pleased with the effect you have already had. I know your program can save a corporation valuable resources spent on back injuries (e.g. money, time and people) … Sally Longyear, MPH, Ergonomic Specialist, health and fitness Coordinator SRI International, Menlo Park, California

“As a college quarterback I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back. This program has taught me not only how to protect myself from further injury, but also how to develop and tone my back and abdominal muscles, something I had never learned in my weight training programs. I now stand straighter and taller (6’4”) with a new awareness, the importance of which I will never again underestimate!” … Frederic Vial, former college athlete and quarterback.

“Your video is terrific. I am delighted that I have finally found an exercise program that will strengthen my abdomen and back, and protect it from future stress injuries. At the same time I have firmed up, stand taller and look a thousand times better…After friends commented about how smooth my skiing looked, I realized to my surprise that my skiing and tennis had automatically improved with the newly found balance and coordination which your system stresses in the exercises” … Susan Prickett, artist , Menlo Park, CA

“A lot of us Yoga instructors appreciate your program!” … Stephanie Lewin, Yoga instructor in Seattle, WA

“That so much can be incorporated into a day’s routine movements and activities has brought continuous attention from my ballet class. Repeated replaying of the spine explanation portions of the video cassette has proved effective” ... Camden Lloyd, Children Ballet and Adult Exercise Teacher in San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona

“Your seminar had the best attendance and was rated by the residents as the most highly and effective and helpful presentation” … Sharon Shaler, Director of the Health Care Center at The Forum, Cupertino, California

“I would like to thank you for your participation in yesterday’s presentation of Integrated Approaches to Wellness. In your segment of the program, you very effectively balanced theory and practice, and, with expert sensitivity to the special needs and concerns of our audience, you selected content that was relevant and interesting. You were able to encapsulate two or three lessons in such a way that they will be memorable and useful to the learners. In addition, you presented yourself as an attractive exemplar of your practice, commanding attention and lending charm and impressiveness to the overall experience. I hope you will return to present your own longer program.” ... Marianne Bacon, Health and Wellness Services, Avenidas, Palo Alto, California

“I had a progressively degenerative chronic disk in my lumbar spine which required surgery. This was performed at Stanford University. Postoperatively, I owe a large measure of my rapid recovery to the techniques and special exercises taught by Karen Perlroth, who was able to guide me with great care and skill to adopt the correct posture and to build up the degree of muscular support necessary to ensure that the benefit of the surgical procedure was maximized. She also imparted a general approach to command of the body and its postural functioning that has been invaluable. I am now very active again, able to take long mountain climbs, and regularly workout at the gym. Thanks to her program I have adhered to the “path of back consciousness “ and thereby have been able to avoid self-inflicted postural back pain. I believe that back pain suffering can often (“but not always”) be avoided by adequate prophylactic care and exercise” … Lionel Opie, MD PhD, Professor of Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Consultant Professor, Cardiovascular Division, Stanford University, California

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